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Secretarial Jobs

Some people like to work from home as secretaries and typists performing clerical work.

Services range from general secretarial to transcription (medical, legal, lectures), and typing term papers and small documents.

You can usually choose the hours you want to work, whether full or part time. you may be paid hourly, or by assignment.

You will require:

  • a computer
  • internet connection
  • email account.

For some positions, you may be required to undertake speed and accuracy testing before starting.

But how can you find the work? You can choose to either find individual companies who will hire your services, or sign up with an intermediary company such as www.homeworkers.org that will connect you with the companies requiring the service.

To find the companies yourself, go to a major online job site for your country, and search for freelance or telecommute positions. Or check out www.tjobs.com.

If you decide to go with an intermediary company, we advise caution. Just like with online survey opportunities, there are many scams offering home typing jobs if you pay for access to their database of jobs.
Before you pay any fees, we strongly recommend that you check out the company online, and do a search at Google or Yahoo to find other people's feedback.

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