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Language Tutor

If you want a career in private tutoring, you could teach English as a second language. Or of course you could teach another language.

This career is ideal for people wanting to work from home - you can either do the tutoring in your own home or visit your students at theirs.

Then again, you can even do it over a latte at the local cafe.

If you are wanting to teach English, it will be worth obtaining a qualification such as:

  • TESL - Teachers of English as a Second Language.
  • TEFL -  Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL is used when people learn English in a non-English-speaking country.)

You can even get these qualifications online. Having TEFL can also be your passport to working and travelling overseas. The demand for English teachers is enormous and with these qualifications you’ll have the skills, knowledge and practical know-how to teach anywhere in the world – and the certificate to prove it!


Online TEFL Course

This course is taken by people from all over the world, of all ages. The course is completely online and you can apply for the course quickly and easily online.


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