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Be An Affiliate Marketer

Many companies know that the Internet offers a great way to increase and even multiply their sales. There are millions of people online and any company can market their products to a global audience.

There are many ways they can choose to do this, but affiliate programs are one of the best ways for companies to quickly increase their marketing on the Web.

Here’s how it works.

The Company, also known as a ‘Merchant’, offers a product or service.

As an Affiliate I sign up to help in promoting the company’s product. My task as an affiliate is to send a stream of Visitors to the company’s web site. I do this using a customized link that allows the company to identify which affiliate referred the visitor.

Whenever a visitor sent by me buys the company’s product, I earn a commission.

A ‘cookie’ will normally be stored on the visitor’s PC. The cookie is a small file used to track which affiliate referred the visitor. Cookies are usually programmed to remain on the visitor’s PC for several months unless the visitor clears the cookie (using their Internet browser’s advanced options).

I have earned commissions from promoting a wide range of products - from satellite TV systems to hi-speed internet access. From mobile phones to web hosting. From training courses to ebooks. And the ebooks have been about topics as diverse as bodybuilding, internet marketing, cooking, and making money at EBay. What an interesting business this is!

A commission is not always for a sale. Some affiliate programs pay a commission when an affiliate refers a qualified lead, or sometimes even when someone clicks through an affiliate’s ad.

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